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Well a Devel 16 looking like that is as fake as Bregoli's Gucci flip flops. There is only one Devel 16 in da world and if you are an car maniac like me you know exactly how it looks. Peace out!!! 👌🏿🤜

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Devil v16 is what kind of car it is and did you know there is only 7 of those

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If This 5000hp devel sixteen vs my 72hp car do a race in a village road probably i win

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Devel sixteen if ya drive it post it and just put the pedal to the metal

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@oliverjameswebb it is fake, it doesnt work, no footage of driving this car with even 10 percent of promising power, Manifattura automobili torino droped the project, the only footage of the engine working is in the lab, they say it is 5000 hp but did you even think how u gonna cool this thing????, It is very very very fake, 100% fake.

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dude if don't want to believe don't, but stop commenting, just shut up

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Man this the real bad assess.beast.bloody loving exhost

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Well, calling, what is essentially a kit car, a "kid's dream turn into reality" makes the whole story even more fake than it already is.

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